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Next generation trading platform.

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The Journey of
Metabin trade

  • Metabin Trading
  • Metabin Staking
img metabin trade
reinforcement list

Metabin reinforcements

# Currency $ Price 24H Change Market Cap. T. Supply 24H Volume
1 Bitcoin BTC $53,967.089 5.43% 0.05M 1.5K 68.5K
2 Ethereum ETH $98,967.056 6.85 10.80M 5.5K 85.09K
3 Tether THR $44,967.090 3.96% 0.05M 0.3k 100k
4 Solana SOL $53,967.089 9.30% 12.09M 1.5K 68.5K
5 Binance Coin BNC $67,967.070 8.90% 0.07M 45K 98.9K
6 Dogecoin DOGE $53,967.089 5.43% 0.05M 1.5K 68.5K
Features of Crypto

We Built a Crypto trading and staking platform

Cryptocurrencies are used primarily outside existing banking governmental institutions and exchanged

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